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Process Automation is a specialist team of Industrial Manufacturing experts.

Our background encompasses both production and operations.

We can provide you with comprehensive solutions that are flexible, customised and innovative.

We generate bespoke, ingenious projects, tailored to your productivity, organizational flows and budget expectations.

We work with you, step by step, from process concept to solution implementation.

We strive to focus on improvement thus respecting the overall environment.

Our expertise is unrivalled, and our service is so complete that it is unique.

with sharp strategic foresight

Designing your evolution

Our mission is to help you grow by optimizing your Operations. Unlike a single specialist supplier, we understand the entire context and where you fit into it.

We identify your areas for improvement and respond with immediate-impact solutions.

We guide your company through change and engineering innovation.

We develop partnerships with world class key players, we provide strategic technical collaborations and active, effective project management.

We’ll work with you to attain your targets, every step of the way.

Our expertise

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Project Management

Business Development

Innovation Management

Machinery & Equipment


What We Can Do For You

We support companies in continuous improvement. We assess your production, internal operations and industrial efficiency, to gauge the required level of innovation and integration. We design a tailor-made project, identify a clever solution then accurately source the ideal means, coordinating the whole journey. We look at possible new processes and flows, the implementation of tools or equipment and deliver the full package, or part of it, according to the customer’s choice.

CustomizeD Engineering Solutions

Each solution is developed step by step, in response to your feedback and our detailed research, taking every aspect into consideration.

We offer you a uniquely comprehensive service – from industrial process consulting, engineering, project management, and everything in between.

Process design

We work to your requirements, from a single service to a complete solution.

The project concept and the process design can be tailored according to your feasibility requirements; and the approach will always keep future implementation into consideration.

Strategic project management

The variety and number of the manufacturers and professionals we cooperate with are limitless in scope and direction. We explore new technologies and can approach traditional methods with a fresh perspective.

We can put different manufacturers and technologies together and act as one single supplier.

Wide-ranging support

With almost twenty years of experience in diverse manufacturing industry, we boast an extensive international network of co-partners, which enrich and broaden our skillset; and allow us to help in any area related to the project.


About US


Founded in 2014, Process Automation is a carefully selected team of Industrial Manufacturing Process experts. Each of us brings complementary skills to create a service you won’t find anywhere else. We believe that our history and the history of the companies we work with, are a vital tool in future innovation. Our project-way mindset leads to a unique and aggregated approach that fills the gaps of the old-fashioned fragmented mode.

Our SMART-Lean approach, expert global vision, and passionate belief in open collaboration with our customers, are what distinguish us.

01. Strategic

We explore all possibilities when searching for solutions.

02. Professional

We know the industry. Every member of our engineering team has direct experience and specific skills at your disposal.

03. Adaptable

We’re innovative and flexible at all times, in equal measure.

A vision to share

Are You Ready For Industrial Evolution?

We are.

Our years of hands-on industry experience, our unlimited passion and curiosity for technology and engineering, and our diligent study of industrial evolution, are what generate innovation and success. With a sprinkling of lateral thinking, and the power of our global collaborations, we aim to leave a lasting legacy in the industrial sector.

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